Scarcity of water and Solutions needed:-Sant Seechewal

Scarcity of water and Solutions needed

Vishav Jal Diwas (World Water Day)

22nd March is internationally celebrated as Water Diwas every year but is it a solution to celebrate the Water Diwas only for a day. The condition in which the world has reached, no one till now had thought about it.The biggest problem of the day is the preservation of the waters and to take care of the officials responsible for its pollution. Who are responsible for putting the people of Punjab in the death trap of cancer. More than 14 lac of people in India are dying every year due to cancer.This panic is not less than Corona virus in any way. Let us pledge on this Jal Divas to make our rivers,streams,ponds pollution free free nirmal jal to our coming generations in the future.
The sangats have set an example to save the ground water from going deep with the karsewa of Holy Kali Bein. The Seechewal Model has been given to the world as a principle to reuse the used waters. A successful experiment has been done to recharge the field's water in the field. Only with these traditional ways water can be saved and to recharge the ground waters is still a big challenge. Clean air,water and food are the main basis of healthy life of the humans. Sant Seechewal is committed to save them. After rejuvenating the Holy Kali Bein now he is engaged in saving the most polluted river Sutlej of Punjab.He is fighting a legal war of every type to make the rivers of Punjab pollution free. It is a need of the time for the society,governments and religious leaders to work unitedly to save invaluable treasures of the nature.  Historic Karsewa of Holy Kali Bein is the best example for us , the way these great works were done by Sant Seechewal ji with the help of sangats. To save the ground water from going deep ,the karsewa of Holy kali Bein with the help of sangats is a factual example. To reuse the used water the principle in the shape of Seechewal Model is a blessing. With these traditional ways the water can be saved . There is need to clean the all drains of Punjab and to make small bundhs to preserve the rain waters so that the water of the area is recharged in the area. Every type of contamination should be stopped to fall in the rivers, streams,drains and ponds. Only with the cleanliness of the water resources the people of Punjab can remain healthy and prosperous.There is a need to adopt the principle of Gurbani" Appan Hathin Aapna Aape Hi Kaju Sanwaria" if we want to give factual shape to the determination Sarbat Da Bhala.

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