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The Students were highly Impressed to see the purity of the Water of Holy Kali Bein....

Students motivated to grow vegetables in the earthen pots in Kitchen Gardens for daily needs

270 Students of P.C.M  S.D College for women Jalandhar, along with 10 teachers, today visited Holi kali Bein at Sultanpur Lodhi, during their educational tour. The students were highly impressed to see the purity of the water of Holi Bein in the water problems facing Punjab. These waters of Bein had been cleaned through Kar Sewa by the Sangats. Great Environmentlish Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal at this juncture told them that after blocking the fall of contaminated waters in the Holi Bein, how the water is being used for irrigation. The treated water of Sultanpur Lodhi is taken to the Fields through pipe lines upto the distance of 13 K.M. Sant Seechewal appealed the students to give preference to grow poison less vegetables in the earthen pots according to their domestic need. He told that the poison of the crops have entered our Kitchens. We all are responsible for polluting our air , waters and the earth. In order to make a healthy society, our eatable and drinkable things must be poison less. We can easily turn to Kitchen gardens by growing vegetables on the ceilings of our houses.                                                                                                 

            The head of the educational tour Priya Mahajan assured Sant Seechewal that they will fully contribute to the works of pollution free environment.  The N.S.S wing of College will fully contribute to this Sewa. She said that the people of Sultanpur Lodhi  as compared to city life are more aware to the environment. They are watering the thousands of plants, planted along the Holy Bein and also take care of them properly . All the students and staff also visited the multimedia museum and saw a documentary film on Kar Sewa works, done by the Kar Sewaks . Literature on Kar Sewa was also distributed among the visiting students.

  Children Drink the Water From Holy Kali Bein...


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